Rooms at the hotel Rudolfo


Single spacious room is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay guests and a double bed, a safe, a sofa, a TV, air conditioning, a tea set, Internet access, satellite TV, coffee table. A bathroom with a bath or shower, cosmetic set, a set of towels.

Standards for

A cozy room in this category is equipped with modern furniture and appliances, to provide a comfortable resting conditions: a double bed, wardrobe, chairs, side tables, air conditioning, television, tea set, Internet access and satellite TV. Bathroom is equipped with a set of towels, bath or shower, a cosmetic set.

Spacious rooms category "Junior" is elegantly decorated and equipped with modern furniture and indispensable technique: a double bed, air conditioning, TV, Internet access, tea set, satellite TV, a sofa, a coffee table. The bathroom has a set of towels, shower, cosmetic set.

Luxury apartments created for people prefer a high level of comfort. The rooms in this category have all you need for a comfortable stay: a double bed or two single beds, a TV, Internet, satellite TV, tea set, a kitchenette, dining table, coffee table.

Two-room suite is divided into two zones: a living room and a bedroom. The living room has a sofa, coffee table, TV, Internet access, dining table, kitchenette. Bedroom has a double bed, TV, wardrobe. Bathroom is equipped with a set of cosmetics, bath or shower, a set of towels.